Understanding the Value of Rest

Understanding the Value of Rest

Understanding the Value of Rest

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Understanding the Value of Rest….

This week’s coaching sessions has exposed me to
understanding the value of REST.   This is a tough business.    Realtors are working harder for less.  Most of us, in any profession are working harder for less.  It is a reality of the economy and the current state of affairs in our industry.

However, what has become very evident is our body and our
minds need for rest and restoration. Many of us talk about a work life balance. Gary Keller, founder of Keller Williams Realty suggests that no one day, week, month, or even year will necessarily be in perfect balance.  There will be periods when we go on all cylinders to do what needs to be done, followed by periods of rest and restoration.

This appears to be, for many, a period on operating on all cylinders.   What I notice however, is that extended periods of overdrive produce less than desired results.   A smart mind needs appropriate time to process data, to analyze trends, to receive inspiration.   A rested body and mind is sharp, and performs at optimal levels.

The most valuable, skilled and demanding part of our job is lead generation, lead conversion, and being a sharp and keen negotiator.   It requires us to be “ON”.  It requires us to incorporate all our experience, dialogue, skills, and insight to secure clients and transactions.   It is the one area of our business that we cannot “coast” through, that we cannot delegate.  Showing up doesn’t count in lead generation.  Performance does.   And you just can’t perform well when your exhausted.

However the real danger to our business growth and success
is, when faced with exhaustion, we will choose to overlook the highest
demanding task of lead generation, and do all the other associated work because
it is not as tiring and it gives us the ILLUSION of productivity.

Doesn’t it make sense then, to honor our mind and body’s need for ample rest, and then to follow themodel and lead generate first, in the morning, when we are at our most rested,when we are the sharpest—then move on to the tasks of the day.    It is what will ensure our future success,it is what will make all this hard work pay off!

This is a business where only the strong survive, and only the great (and rested) thrive!

To Our Success!


Nancy Knuth | Business Coach

Your Coach for Success



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