Other than…..is there any other reason why…..?

Other than…..is there any other reason why…..?

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Here is just one of the my top five questions and how to use it—

Other than………is the any other reason why……..?

This is an isolation technique.   When you can isolate
an objection or thought you are one step closer to uncovering true
motivation.  True motivation is essential to problem solving.
Often the objection or thought is a SYMPTOM of the real issue, not the
issue.   For example…

Client-We will not pay over asking price.

Agent-Other than paying over asking price is there any other reason
why you would not make an offer on  a  property?


Agent-What about not paying over asking price is important to you?

Client-Because I am not going to play that game.   I will
not pay more than the house is worth!

Agent-Other than not paying more than the house is worth is there
any other reason why you would not offer over the asking price?


Agent-So, it sounds to me like you are most concerned about the
value of the home your purchase, and not playing bidding games in order to
attain it.  Is that right?


Now that you have the real issue, it’s time for your to go to
work-with your knowledge.

Agent- Could we talk a little bit about value, and how “value” is
placed on a property.   I am sure you have seen properties that are
listed at a price, and then reduced incrementally till an offer is received,
correct? .  A list price will be set, and subsequently lowered until the
true “value” is determined based on market response and an offer is received
and accepted, right?    And would you agree that a lot of
variables would be taken into consideration to the buyer and seller on what an
acceptable offer and acceptance would be?   Value, timing, condition,
market activity, etc .

Well the same is true for what’s happening today with properties
going over “list” price.  In order to determine the  true value of a
property.  May I explain?  (then you go into a conversation about
value and how one strategy to determine is to set a “opening offer(list) price
and see how the market responds to it.   The final sales price is now
the new “value” of the property.  So paying over list price does not
necessarily mean paying over “the value” of the property, rather it is a way to
determine it.

Agent- so do you see that although you may be paying over the “list”
price you may not be necessarily paying over the value of the property, but
determining it.  And you will determining today’s value on a property that
you now own?  Do you see how that could be an advantage to
you?   Because either way the “value” will be determined by the final
sales price—whether you set it or another bidder sets it.  So you will
either be a homeowner at that point, or still in the market—at the mercy of
the new “value” of properties.  Does that make sense?


Agent-Great, then know that we understand that we may have to offer
over “list” price to acquire the property you choose, let’s get started on
finding you the perfect home for you!


Did you find these dialogue useful?   Do you have any
comments or suggestions?   I encourage your
response.    If you would like the other four of my favorite
techniques please email me, and or schedule a consultation.



Nancy Knuth | Business Coach

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