Confidence is key.

Confidence is key.

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Confidence is the key to success in any sales business.   Never arrogance.  Confidence can only come from knowing yourself,  your direction, your product, and your ability to help in the given situation.   It is my opinion, that until you are 100% sure you have what the client needs, you will not exhibit the level of confidence the other party needs to hire you.  So, the best you can do for any client is to make sure you are the right match for them.  That there needs align with your strengths.  The only way to do that is to ask the right questions and not compromise your answers.  You don’t need every client.  Your business will grow when your caliber of client does.  And your business will grow when you grow, it’s hard and prosperous work.–NK


noun \ˈkän-fə-dən(t)s, -ˌden(t)s\

Definition of CONFIDENCE

a: a feeling or consciousness of one’s powers or of reliance on one’s circumstances <had perfect confidence in her ability to succeed> <met the risk with brash confidence>   b: faith or belief that one will act in a right, proper, or effective way <have confidence in a leader>
: the quality or state of being certain : certitude <they had every confidence of success>
a: a relation of trust or intimacy <took his friend into his confidence>   b: reliance on another’s discretion <their story was told in strictest confidence>   c: support especially in a legislative body <vote of confidence>
: a communication made in confidence : secret <accused him of betraying a confidence>

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