Exceptional VS. Average

Exceptional VS. Average

Exceptional VS. Average

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Blog Post 10/14/12

What a great meeting I had this week with one of my
exceptional clients.   This client is exceptional because she implements.   “Betty”
has been in the business for 20 years and is having one of her best years ever.  Here was a successful agent with four new listings, commitment to consistent follow up with past clients and perspective clients, time off with family, productive and new avenues of lead generation, systems and tracking in place—and yet still struggling with how to keep up
the lead generation activities and the demands to market and sell property. “Betty” shared with me that she felt on top of her lead generation and was really excited about things she had accomplished over the last two weeks.  She had booked
and conducted a seminar, booked a meet and greet, door knocked, all while
continuing to contact prospective and past clients.   The result in the last two weeks- three listings and one renewal of a listing with significant changes to marketability.  And this in the fourth quarter of the year, when most realtors are packing it up and hoping for a better year next year.

“Betty” went on to say she was excited yet having trouble
completing all the “tasks” and work associated with the new business.   She said “I am worried that my lead generation is taking away from my time to do my business”.   And she clearly was having issues with the competing demands of both.

I listened carefully, as she continued to describe the
activities associated with both.   It was if she was describing two different jobs.
I immediately had a reaction, but kept it to myself until she was done
talking and made a few notes.  I instinctively knew that she was not considering lead generation as PART of her business—my thought is they cannot be separated.

As we all know, without leads we have no business.  Without buyers and sellers, we have no business.  So lead generation and
conversion is the #1 priority within our business, and the tasks associated
with details of listing and selling property is secondary.   Many of the tasks can be delegated, the lead generation for the most part, cannot.

We all know that—it’s just usually easier to focus on the
tasks, than to ensure future business. Why is this such a common area of
discord for most of us realtors?  From my experience in both selling and coaching and managing agents, I have seen time and time again the “cycle” that most “average” realtors get on.   They lead generate UNTIL they get a client—they then stop, and work hard to complete the transaction.  Then, once the deal has closed they look to lead
generate again to get another client.  That is why most realtors have a very cyclical business and close 4-6 deals a year (30-45 days to find a client) (45-60 to close a client) (30-45 days to find another client) (45-60 to close a client) and the cycle repeats.

After a brief reminder, “Betty” quickly realized that she was doing exactly as she should—and just a needed a few adjustments to leveraging transactional tasks which give her the balance she needs without jeopardizing her long term growth.

Remember:  You can have excuses or results, you cannot have both.

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