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Ok, I admit I am a big baseball fan.   A bit of a closet“jock”.   I may be one of the few women I know who actually tunes into the playoff games on AM radio as I commute home from work.  Not only am I competitive, and love sports but I learn a lot about business and coaching from watching sports.

For example, last night’s playoff game with the Giants/St. Louis— there were some amazing defensive plays, and some consistent performances that we count on, like Buster Posey and Pablo Sandoval.   But last night the light shined on Barry Zito, the pitcher—he was amazing.  Now I have to admit other than being really cute, I don’t know much about his career other than what the announcers were saying.   The consensus from the
announcers and the other players was that his work ethic and his dedication to
the game were second to none.  They commented on how he continually and consistently puts in the work, the practice, and the constant effort to be his best.   In other words he prepared himself for great games like he had last night.   It was
not a fluke; it was the result of a lot of dedication and hard work.

So how does this apply to real estate?   Where exactly am I going with this?  My thought is like any athlete we as self employed, entreprenual sales people are the masters of our own
performance.  Sales, like sports require preparation and diligence and consistency.
It’s a numbers game, associated with focus and skill.   And it is the powerful combination of all three that makes for the difference between good and great, or average and exceptional.    In the trilogy of numbers, focus, and skill I believe they are all equally weighted.

Numbers: Without the consistency, tracking, repetition we can’t possibly reach our peak level of success.

Focus:  Without clear and concise goals and
discipline we will easily get diverted from our tasks at hand.

Skill: Without observing and perfecting our performance we may never get the opportunity to perform, let alone perform at our best!

Coaching can help with all of the above.  Is it right for you?  Am I the right coach for you?  Call me or email me, and let’s talk and find out.   Coaching is for those ready to
commit to excellence.

After watching St. Louis relentlessly persevere to beat Washington, and impressively kick the Giants butt already, I will continue to enjoy the series.  Regardless of whether or not the Giants get to the World Series, (which I really hope they do!)  you can trust I will be watching all the athletes and looking for the peaks of performance that I so respect—as I know they are not flukes, but pay-offs from a lot of hard work and preparation!

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