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If you do not have your own goals, you will be used by those who do”-NK

Nancy is currently the Productivity Coach for Keller Williams Palo Alto, one of the top five highest producing KW offices in the nation!  Being in a leadership role with Keller Williams Realty for over ten years, NK Coaching was founded in January 2011 offering personalized one on one coaching available to all real estate brokerages, all agents/brokers, and all sales professionals or business owners ready to take their businesses to the highest level possible—while maintaining a work-life balance. Indivduals and groups looking for mindset and business growth.  Realtors and other sales professionals  are primed for success because they have chosen an industry with unlimited income potential, a business that is grown and sustained through relationships, and an industry that is ripe for true professionals.

“Discover the difference clarity, authenticity, and knowledge can make in your business.”-NK    Being a realtor should not be a hobby.  The real estate industry is begging for true professionals.  Committed, knowledgeable, focused, educated, poised and confident.  NATIONWIDE FACT: The top 20% of realtors close 80% of the transactions.

Business & Mindset Coaching for real estate and sales professionals is  thought-provoking and  an extensive process.   Is is not transaction specific.  It is an prolonged adjustment in your business systems and dialogue.  Nancy Knuth is an experienced agent, a California licensed broker, an experienced trainer and manager of real estate agents for over 13 years. She also has a bachelor’s degree and a previous successful career in Advertising and Marketing which  adds an element of creativity to her coaching.   She is a continual student of the real estate and the coaching profession, and is continually coached herself.  She has helped hundreds of agents significantly increase their business income  (typically 2-4x their previous years production)  and  learn new skill sets, effectivie dialogue, and significantly increase their business confidence  in a relatively short period of time.  She has a proven track record of results and a host of sucessful clients.

She  will inspire you to maximize your  professional  and personal potential.  You will learn to turn “excuses” into drive and to get rid of “shoulds”.  She will help you  discover your own unique motivators.  Depending on your individual needs,  you may also learn new skills, systems, and dialogues.   After coaching you will overcome all the common objections with ease and expertise.  You will learn where to spend your time, and with whom.  All the positive thinking in the world will not produce results without being followed up with positive actions.

We judge others by their actions.  We judge ourselves by our intentions.

Chances are you already know what to do, you have attended seminars, read many books, maybe even tried other coaching programs– yet there is still a disconnect.  Still the same level of results or a nagging discontentment with your growth.  You probably long for consistency in your business.  You are tired of the rollar coaster of income.  Perhaps you are successful  and you are growing rapidly and need  to hire the right help– coaching can assist you on how to navigate new waters and hire the best support out there so that you can do what you do best and not get caught up in the menucha of paperwork.

“I almost gave up on the business and went a found a “real job”.-client

NK Coaching is not necessarily for the beginner. Coaching is for those who have achieved a level of success but your life may be out of balance,  you may be stuck in a certain income level, or you may sense that there must be a better way! Coaching is on an individual private bi-weekly one on one basis-either in person or by phone– with some creative and informative group sessions available if you choose to attend.

“Being a successful realtor can be one of the most financially and personally rewarding businesses to have.   It is a real job, and must be treated like one.  Coaching is for those ready to take it on”.-NK


COMPENSATION: Depending on your expereince level you may have the option to pay for coaching ONLY when you are paid!   If we decide to work together will be making an investment in each other…think of it as me taking you on as a listing.   (Coaching Contract Required)  Monthly and Group rates also available.

To find out more about Coaching and how it can help in both increasing your business income  and bring balance to your life, email me at or Schedule a FREE Consultation.

Nancy Knuth | Business Coach

Your Coach for Success


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